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Can atheists deal with death?

25 Apr 2012
I once thought "Yes, surely atheists can face death". But after hearing Sam Harris, I'm not so sure

The Moral Landscape

Apr 22nd, 2012
A problem faces any secular person interested in morality: How do we find a system of morality that is objective?

Did you hear? Science and Christianity, the gloves are off!

Mar 27th, 2012
And the reigning champion slides sideways in the ring, leaving his opponent looking flat footed

A broken heart can break your heart

Jan 10th, 2012
What does it mean to be human? This is a profound question and the answer has huge implications.

What's God like?

Jan 4th, 2012
One of the things that probably doesn’t get a lot of airtime is that at Christmas Christians celebrate not only Jesus’ birthday but more specifically the day that God himself became human.

Inception - an idea that shapes everything

1 Dec 2011
What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? Perhaps the existence of Jesus

Is Jesus history?

Dec 1st, 2011
Is Jesus history? Yes and No

The story of gay marriage?

Nov 23rd, 2011
If we can ground our preferences in notions of what makes marriage good or bad, then I think we'll have gone a long way to making the most of this opportunity.

Dawkins and the lack of scientific evidence

Nov 20th, 2011
A comment on Richard Dawkins and his lack of evidence about scientists

Ooh, Richard, what kind of evidence?

Nov 14th, 2011
Has Richard Dawkins read any historical scholarship on Jesus?