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The Lego Batman Movie

Reel Dialogue
27 Mar 2017
Holy Reel Dialogue Batman... Is this the best Batman film?

Beauty and the Beast

Reel Dialogue
8 Mar 2017
Can it scale the heights of the animated classic? + addressing the key topic in the press


Reel Dialogue
25 Feb 2017
This is the X-men film that should have been made years ago + Ranking of the X-men franchise

Hidden Figures

Reel Dialogue
13 Feb 2017
The untold true story of the women behind NASA


Reel Dialogue
6 Feb 2017
Don't let anything keep you out of this film

Manchester by the Sea

Reel Dialogue
30 Jan 2017
Front runner for the Academy Award for Best Actor - Does it deserve the nod?


Reel Dialogue
1 Jan 2017
The search for a mother's undying love

La La Land

Reel Dialogue
26 Dec 2016
The perfect fusion of music, romance and drama - Best choice for Boxing Day and New Year


Reel Dialogue
23 Dec 2016
A gut-wrenchingly and beautiful quest of faith - commentary by CPX Director Simon Smart

Christmas: Fact or Fiction? dispelling the myths

Bigger Questions
20 Dec 2016
Is the Christmas story based on fact or fiction?