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Is your job really who you are?

Where do you get your identity?
Wed 4 Aug 2021



Where do you get your sense of self? Some of us place our value in our relationships or achievements. One place where relationships and achievements are important is our work. In the middle of the pandemic, having work is both a distraction and more integral to who we are than ever before.

In an age where we experience the uncertainty of the economy and health, we now acknowledge previously undervalued workers such as cleaners, carers, grocery and retail roles as essential. We are in great danger of seeing our value as humans according to whether our job is essential, beneficial or integral to an anxious and rapidly changing world.

Above all, how does Christ see us? Where does our work fit into our identity? If we cannot work, who are we? If our work is under pressure, how does that affect who we are?

In this interview on Vision Radio 20/Twenty Podcast, Andrew Laird explores some of the vulnerabilities of finding our identity in our work. Andrew then explains how to find our dignity and sense of self in God and how He sees us.

If you want to build a stronger sense of Christian identity, you may want to complete our online course "I am what I do?: a Theology of Work and personal identity".

With thanks to Neil Johnson at 20/Twenty Podcast on Vision Radio

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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