Our citizenship is in heaven

Women, Coffee & Croissants
Gemma Cardew
23 Aug 2017
Gemma speaks on the difference it makes knowing our citizenship is in heaven and highlights the danger of putting our confidence anywhere but Jesus

Ep 79: Is the resurrection just wish fulfilment?

Bigger Questions
Helen Bell
20 Aug 2017
Is the resurrection and hope of eternal life too good to be true? We ask Helen Bell some Bigger Questions.

Wheat and weeds

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
17 Aug 2017
Will there ever be justice in the world?

How to be really great

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
17 Aug 2017
Without doing anything!

How to survive the daily grind

Sam Chan
16 Aug 2017
What if the daily grind is actually a good thing?

Ep 78: Did Jesus have to die?

Bigger Questions
Sam Reeve
14 Aug 2017
If Jesus was so powerful, and his death so preventable, why did he die? We ask Sam Reeve, (senior pastor CrossCulture) some bigger questions.

Christians and tragedy

City Legal
Michael Jensen
10 Aug 2017
Does it all end in tears?

What if God showed up one day?

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
10 Aug 2017
There are lots of opinions about Jesus, but what if God made his opinion known

Chasing life: Chasing eternity

City Forums
Scott Pasley
8 Aug 2017
Success in life is largely about timing. But knowing the exact right time to do anything takes great insight and wisdom.

Ep 77: Is Jesus worth following?

Bigger Questions
Sharon Cheung
6 Aug 2017
Twitter personalities, your dreams, rules: what things are worth following? We ask Sharon Cheung some bigger questions.