How can we live amidst the busyness of life?

Bigger Questions
Peter Adam
22 Apr 2018
Are you crazy busy? We ask Peter Adam some bigger questions about why we're busy and offer some practical advice on how we can live amidst the busyness of life. Words to live by.

Does God laugh?

Bigger Questions
Howard Langmead, Shelia Allen
15 Apr 2018
Melbourne is a funny city - it hosts the annual International Comedy festival. But is comedy hard? Should we laugh? What about God - does he laugh? A hilarious exploration of comedy, God and how laughing is good for you.

Does God have a sense of humour?

Bigger Questions
Howard Langmead, Cam Semmens
8 Apr 2018
Melbourne is a funny city. It hosts the annual International Comedy festival. Funny people saying funny things. But what about God? Does God share in this humour? Join us for a hilarious exploration of some big questions of God, comedy, and the meaning of life.

The narrow way

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
5 Apr 2018
Four false trails that will lead you away from Jesus' 'narrow way' that leads to fullness of life

Can we trust the resurrection accounts?

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman
1 Apr 2018
A journalist investigates

Easter - why is it worth the fuss?

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
29 Mar 2018
Easter is nice. It's an long weekend and for some reason there is chocolate. But why would we bother?

Hypocrisy - do not judge

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
29 Mar 2018
Jesus was famous for his intolerance of pretence, But has Jesus put his finger on something in us, too?

Explaining Easter: how can a death 2000 years ago help me live today?

Bigger Questions
Gillian Asquith
25 Mar 2018
What is Good Friday? What is Easter? Gillian Asquith explains these and their relevance in a powerful conversation.

Leadership that sticks

The Edge
Michelle Lim, Mike Baird, Sam Chan
22 Mar 2018
How to lead from the front (and back)


City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
22 Mar 2018
Is there more to life than accumulation and consumption?