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Jesus was born in the 1st century and was crucified for his claim of being the Messiah (Christ) by Roman officials. We believe He is the Son of God and his resurrection was the most important event in history. These resources explore the person of Jesus as historical and what his teaching means for us today.
Scott Pasley | 18 Sep 2021
Studies exploring investing in eternity, the logic of the good news of Jesus, and a time for reflection
Craig Evans | 12 Sep 2021
An expert on the historical Jesus reflects
Caroline Spencer | 10 Sep 2021
A 4 session bible study on anxiety from the book of Phillipians
Luke Nelson | 27 Jun 2021
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?
John Hudson | 20 Jun 2021
Reflecting on the problem of pain
Sam Chan, Amy Isham, David Chan | 11 Jun 2021
How to run Sharing Jesus at Work as a training event
David Ould | 13 May 2021
Resurrection – or Hedonism/Nihilism
Gillian Asquith, Sam Reeve, Kenny Koay, Dave Kranjec | 2 May 2021
Confronting four of life's biggest questions