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We all work, we believe that all people are workers in some way, whether professional or volunteer, outside of the home or caring for dependants. We believe God made people to work and that all kinds of work are pleasing to God. These resources explore how work and how it affects our relationships, lifestyles and beliefs.
Russ Matthews | 25 Nov 2021
Loyalty is fascinating and confusing
Andrew Laird, Sandy Clarke-Errey, Ray Ternes | 23 Nov 2021
An academic and mother reflects on the dangers of living according to “I am what I do”
Kara Martin, Andrew Laird | 9 Nov 2021
Author of 'Workship' explains why our work can be an act of worship, and practical tips for what that means for your 9 to 5.
Anne Winckel, Allan Bulman, Andrew Laird | 26 Oct 2021
How COVID has made some of us more busy, and what one Christian boss is seeking to do about it for his staff.
David Wrench | 22 Oct 2021
How to respond when you are stabbed in the back
Eddie Woo, Julie Ho, Andrew Laird | 12 Oct 2021
YouTube superstar Eddie Woo on “the call to pressure” all Christians face, and how one woman has handled this in her job.
Mike Baird | 8 Oct 2021
The secret to resisting power
Andrew Laird | 5 Oct 2021
Christian in the workplace? Something special is about to land in your podcast menu.