Ep 90: Does the Bible condone slavery?

Bigger Questions
Edwin Judge
12 Nov 2017
One of Australia's most distinguished scholars of Ancient History discusses what life was really like in the Ancient World.

Ep 88: What makes a sound investment?

Bigger Questions
Peter Kaldor
29 Oct 2017
Superannuation. Property. Shares. What about family? Aptitude? Dreams? What makes a sound investment? We ask Peter Kaldor some bigger questions.

Ep 87: Where can I find wisdom?

Bigger Questions
Andy Judd
22 Oct 2017
City on a Hill pastor Andy Judd shares about the value and weaknesses of wisdom.

Once upon a time in Philippi

Bible Shots
Sam Chan
21 Sep 2017
What can the 'storytelling method' tell us about this event in the history of the early church?

How can we get a good night's sleep? + special announcement

Bigger Questions
Andrew Laird
3 Sep 2017
How can we get a good night's sleep?

If God was so loving ...Why?

Special events in Perth
Don Carson
17 Aug 2017
Why would a good God allow so much suffering?

Ep 74: What is wrong with the world?

Bigger Questions
Gillian Porter
16 Jul 2017
Atheist speaker and writer Dan Barker said, 'we atheists don't need to go to the doctor. There isn't anything wrong with us'

Ep 72: Why am I not an atheist?

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
2 Jul 2017
Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom?

Ep 69: What do we make of the story of Jephthah?

Bigger Questions
Mike Raiter
11 Jun 2017
Is the Bible sexist and violent? We ask Mike Raiter some bigger questions

Ep 68: Does the Bible really work?

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
4 Jun 2017
Tim Curtis had never met a Christian and instead just read the Bible. What happened? We ask Tim Curtis some Bigger Questions.