Ep 88: What makes a sound investment?

Bigger Questions
Peter Kaldor
29 Oct 2017
Superannuation. Property. Shares. What about family? Aptitude? Dreams? What makes a sound investment? We ask Peter Kaldor some bigger questions.

Is God fair to people?

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
26 Oct 2017
Does God give people what is due to them?

How to have eternal life

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
19 Oct 2017
Jesus points out how to have eternal life and warns his followers about some of the hazards of money

Ep 86: Why is work so frustrating?

Bigger Questions
Ian Harper
15 Oct 2017
We ask Ian Harper (board member of Reserve Bank of Australia) some bigger questions about how he deals with the frustrations of work.

Ep 85: How much money is enough?

Bigger Questions
John Sikkema
8 Oct 2017
The story of John Sikkema (former financial planner and businessman, now chairman of Halftime Australia) demonstrates that there is more to life than money.

Sneak peek at John Sikkema talking about money

Bigger Questions
John Sikkema
12 Sep 2017
John Sikkema answered the Bigger Question on 'How much money is enough?' This is a short preview of the conversation

How to survive the daily grind

Sam Chan
16 Aug 2017
What if the daily grind is actually a good thing?

Chasing life: Working hard

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
1 Aug 2017
What is the point of work? Does it define us? Is work good or is it just toil?

Ep 65: Is there an end for infectious disease?

Bigger Questions
Justin Denholm
14 May 2017
Will we defeat disease through scientific advances?

Change: Love it, Hate it, Over it

Sam Chan, Darryl Cross, Kristin Lewis
May 3rd, 2017
Watch the video