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Why is there never enough time? | Michelle Monro

Bigger Questions
Michelle Monro
11 Nov 2018
Do you feel too busy? Michelle Monro shares her struggles with managing a time-poor life and offers some real solutions. A moving and heartfelt conversation

Wearing purple?

Sam Chan
30 Aug 2018
Sam Chan shares about how to think through ethical decisions at work and in particular supporting LGBTI causes in the workplace.

What does real success look like?

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
16 Aug 2018
How do we understand and pursue real success?

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

City Legal
Max Jeganathan
9 Aug 2018
For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. Is there a better way?

Ep 105: Is the banking industry rotten?

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman, Mark Sneddon
5 Aug 2018
A conversation on the financial services royal commission

Wisdom at work

Peter Adam
17 Jul 2018
Brisbane celebration dinner 2018 talk

Trust us it's Christmas

Michael Ramsden, Craig Broman
3 Jul 2018
Does integrity matter anymore

Learn to be generous

City Legal
Al Stewart
28 Jun 2018
What does Jesus teach about our possessions and why is it liberating?

Bible Shots - I work in a terminal

David Pitt
5 Jun 2018
In the final talk in our "I work in a..." Bible shots series, Dave Pitt explores how work is a place where we meet people on a journey at work and

We need a reset button

City Legal
Al Stewart
31 May 2018
Why is a day off good for us and good for society?