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Ep 125: Where can I find happiness? | Andrew Cameron

Bigger Questions
Andrew Cameron
24 Mar 2019
The search for happiness can be elusive. Where can it be found? Dr. Andrew Cameron explores how and why we search for happiness and gives some surprising insights on where it can and can't be found.

7 seconds and beyond

The Edge
Duncan Robinson, Jenny Brown, Justine Toh
21 Mar 2019
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Aliens and UFO's: Is the truth still out there? | Michael & Christina Smith

Bigger Questions
Michael Smith, Christina Smith
10 Mar 2019
Are we alone in the universe? Why are we fascinated with UFO's? We tackle the big questions about extra-terrestrial life and the likelihood of aliens visiting our planet in a conversation out of this world.

Ep 113: What is the right relationship with the environment? | Kath Williams

Bigger Questions
Kathryn Williams
7 Oct 2018
Forests almost feel spiritual - but does this reveal something bigger?

Ep 106: Do the heavens declare the glory of God?

Bigger Questions
Jennifer Wiseman, Ken Freeman, Luke Barnes
19 Aug 2018
Exactly how big is the universe? Are humans significant? Is there a cosmic designer?

Finding Validation

The Edge
Leisa Aitken, Max Jeganathan
17 Aug 2018
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Finding validation: The quest for meaning - false trails and answers

Al Stewart
16 Aug 2018
What do the New Atheists, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and King Solomon tell us about the quest for meaning?

Can we live by science alone?

Bigger Questions
Chris Mulherin
12 Aug 2018
A word for Richard Dawkins

Ep 100: What does Minecraft teach us about God?

Bigger Questions
James Garth
13 May 2018
Is there a creator? is life fine-tuned? does prayer work?

A Fortunate Universe

Luke Barnes
10 May 2018