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Ep 123: Why is God good for you? | Greg Sheridan

Bigger Questions
Greg Sheridan
3 Mar 2019
Some say that religion is antiquated, dangerous and poisons everything. So is God really worth following? We ask Greg Sheridan some bigger questions about the impact of God in the world and why he loves stories in the Old Testament. A unmissable conversation combining wit with deep reflection.

Ep 105: Is the banking industry rotten?

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman, Mark Sneddon
5 Aug 2018
A conversation on the financial services royal commission

Ep 103: Is Christianity a force for good in the world? | Barney Zwartz

Bigger Questions
Barney Zwartz
3 Jun 2018
Has Christianity been a positive or negative force in Australia?

How to be Christian without being religious

City Legal
Phillip Jensen
26 Oct 2017
To understand religious freedom, we need to understand Christianity

How to be religious without being Christian

City Legal
Phillip Jensen
19 Oct 2017
To understand religious freedom, we need to understand what is religion

Suffering Christians

City Legal
Phillip Jensen
3 Aug 2017
How well can our society suffer Christians? How well can Christians suffer?

The state of religion in Australia

City Legal
Roy Williams
27 Jul 2017
What does the 2016 census tell us of the relevance of religion in Australia?

Ep 50: Honouring the Anzacs: have we gone too far?

Bigger Questions
Mike Raiter
31 Jul 2016
Mike Raiter shares how Anzac Day has gone beyond simply a day of remembrance

Ep 44: Religion and politics: a toxic mix?

Bigger Questions
Vickie Janson, Barney Zwartz
19 Jun 2016
Should we get religion out of politics? Hear from an aspiring Christian politician and a media commentator

Ep 42: Why different resurrection accounts? A journalist investigates

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman
5 Jun 2016
The four accounts of Jesus' resurrection contain differences - what explains these differences and what does it matter?