Ethics, justice and social welfare

Ep 69: What do we make of the story of Jephthah?

Bigger Questions
Mike Raiter
Jun 11th, 2017
Is the Bible sexist and violent? We ask Mike Raiter some bigger questions.


City Legal
Michael Kellahan
May 18th, 2017
Why do some see Christianity undermining public order?

Is blasphemy off limits?

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
May 11th, 2017
Are there some things we just cannot say?

Religious hate speech and public order

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
May 4th, 2017
Sometimes it can be dangerous speaking about Jesus

Conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel

Gemma Cardew
Mar 15th, 2017
How are we to live as Christians in the workplace? Gemma explores the workplace implication of Philippians 1:27 "Conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."

The 49th law of power

City Legal
Al Stewart
Nov 24th, 2016
The natural way of the world is those with power exploit those without. Yet our society knows this is not the way it should be.

Justice and mercy

City Legal
Kanishka Raffel
Sep 22nd, 2016
The Bible's dilemma is how can God be both just and merciful

Ep 55: Breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda

Bigger Questions
Justus Miwanda, Ray Ternes
Sep 18th, 2016
How does a Melbourne barrister feel being faced with poverty in Uganda?

Ep 51: When miracles happen

Bigger Questions
Linda Bailey
Aug 7th, 2016
Hear stories of when miracles happen, but how can someone trust Jesus when they don't?

Debate: The biblical account of the Canaanite 'genocide' was justified

Robert Martin, Matthew McArthur
Jun 30th, 2016
What are we to make of Old Testament violence? A Christian and atheist debate.