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Suffering, sin and evil

What is wrong with the world? | Gillian Porter

Bigger Questions
Gillian Porter
20 Jan 2019
How do we diagnose the problems of the world?

Why am I not an atheist? | David Robertson

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
13 Jan 2019
Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom? What about pain and suffering?

Ep 118: Can you have a merry Christmas with depression? | Peter Adam

Bigger Questions
Peter Adam
16 Dec 2018
How can you be joyful and happy at Christmas when you're depressed?

Faith when the heat is on

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
1 Nov 2018
What does faith look like when the heat is on?

The power of nobodies in the age of Trump

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
27 Sep 2018
How do we live without compromising our convictions?

The holocaust story banned by Hitler

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
20 Sep 2018
An ancient tale of attempted genocide

Sex. Ego. Misogyny. Power.

City Legal
Michael Kellahan
13 Sep 2018
#metoo is nothing new

Ep 107: Will going blind mean missing out in life? | Aaron Boyd

Bigger Questions
Aaron Boyd
26 Aug 2018
Aaron shares the surprising ways in which his physical blindness helps him see a lot more.

How can Jesus change the brokenness of our lives? | Tim Curtis

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
1 Jul 2018
What do we do when life is a mess?

What do you really need from God?

Kim Gibson
16 May 2018
Kim shares her story of being diagnosed with cancer and talks about our biggest need