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Finding Validation

The Edge
Leisa Aitken, Max Jeganathan
17 Aug 2018
Latest videos of The Edge talks and the panel discussion

Beyond worry

The Edge
Jee Hyun Kim, Peter Hughes
12 Oct 2017
The science and stories behind anxiety, fear and depression

Ep 64: How can we live without fear?

Bigger Questions
Jee Hyun Kim
7 May 2017
Can our fears be fixed, resolved or eradicated? Dr. Jee Hyun Kim (TED speaker) shares her story and the science of fear.

On the seventh day ... God unplugged

The Forum in Sydney
Karina Keisler, Graham Barker, Justine Toh
13 Mar 2013
A conversation about the sometimes-conflicting roles of technology and rest in a healthy life