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Ep 111: Dystopia - what are you afraid of?

Bigger Questions
Shane Rogerson, Stephanie Gear
23 Sep 2018
Why is fear so powerful?

Christmas: fact or fiction?

Bigger Questions
Mikey Bayliss
17 Dec 2017
Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? This episode features possibly the greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told.

Christians and comedy

City Legal
Michael Jensen
2 Nov 2017
What's so funny?

Christians and epic literature

City Legal
Michael Jensen
21 Sep 2017
Can we be heroes?

Christians and tragedy

City Legal
Michael Jensen
10 Aug 2017
Does it all end in tears?

Ep 23: Poetry and Paul

Bigger Questions
Will Mackerras
12 Jul 2015
What would Banjo Paterson say about the conversion of Paul? Well this episode might have the answer

His Dark Materials and the Atheist Imagination

Rory Shiner
13 Nov 2014
Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is a self-consciously secular foray into a space that has often been religious in nature

Jesus and the poets of death

The Forum in Perth
Rory Shiner
30 Oct 2014
What would Jesus say to John Donne, Dylan Thomas and (Australian songwriter) Nick Cave?