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Reel Dialogue review - Dumbo

Reel Dialogue
17 Mar 2018
Can this elephant soar?

Who are we to judge Matt Lodge or Barnaby Joyce?

8 Mar 2018
Tonight, rugby league kicks off for another year and Brisbane is buzzing.

Red Sparrow

Reel Dialogue
1 Mar 2018
Gone are the days of sophisticated spy thrillers

Black Panther

Reel Dialogue
7 Feb 2018
Is this one of the best MCU origin films?

Isn't the Bible corrupt and untrustworthy?

Bigger Questions
5 Feb 2018
Isn't the Bible just a bunch of ‘Chinese whispers’?

Phantom Thread

Reel Dialogue
31 Jan 2018
Is this the best film that no one knows about?

How to cope with going back to work after holidays

22 Jan 2018
About a week before you are due to go back to work a seed of worry forms in your stomach.

The Shape of Water

Reel Dialogue
17 Jan 2018
Winner of Academy Award for best picture: Is this the best of the year?

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Reel Dialogue
8 Jan 2018
Golden Globe Winner of Best Drama

The Greatest Showman

Reel Dialogue
3 Jan 2018
Don't listen to the amateur historians, this is a great film for the family