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Our activities

Are you a city worker? Do you have big questions about life, faith, culture, work?

Are you a city worker?

Do you have big questions about life, faith, culture, work?

Welcome to City Bible Forum!

We hope this page answers some of your questions about our activities.

"What does City Bible Forum do?"

We offer city workers a place to explore life’s bigger questions through a variety of activities run in and around the business districts of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

"Who is your audience?"

We run activities for city workers, and we draw participants from all sorts of industries, levels of seniority, backgrounds and faith positions. In particular, in our public meetings we don't assume people are familiar with the Bible or Jesus, and seek to explain them plainly.

"I'm not a Christian, but I'm interested: what can you offer me?"

We offer a number of events, programs, seminars and meetings for people who are exploring Christianity.

Alternately, you could contact us and we could discuss ways to help you explore.

"I'm a Christian and I want to live that out in my workplace"

We seek Christians who would like to connect with other Christians in their business district. We run prayer groups, training courses, seminars and other motivating events in all cities. There are plenty of ways to get involved and flourish as a Christian city worker.

As you navigate our site you'll see activities and events labelled Christians in the workplace that will be useful for Christians who want to live out their faith. Visit our Christians in the workplace page to find out more.

"Do you offer any resources?"

We record or film most events, and produce other material. You can search our Library for past talks or for information on various topics.